Helping Couples Make "I DO" Work


The Marriage Gene was born out of a desire to understand what makes marriage work and to answer the questions:

  • How do I know how to be a husband/wife?
  • Is there something innate or is there a gene that turns on when you say “I Do?”

Genetic traits (character, personality, behavior, etc.), a molecular factor of heredity of all living things, are passed to children through genes. However there is no husband/wife gene.

While genes are the basic building blocks that transfers information from generation to generation are responsible for what we look like and who we are, communicate messages that can discover how long we live, what illnesses we might be diagnosed with, how we will conduct ourselves as individual, what sex we will be, and so on, there in no husband/wife gene.

The Marriage Gene is that missing gene designed to help couples understand the characteristics common in a healthy and successful marriage. With a focus on the positive view of marriage we use tools like PREPARE for Pre-engagement/Premarital/Marriage Counseling, to “Help couples make I DO work.

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  • After 12 years of marriage words cannot express how incredibly happy I am that we took the time to explore our beliefs about marriage. It was great having someone to guide the process and discuss marriage and family from both a biblical and real-life perspective. I recommend that every couple take the time to participate in pre-marital counseling.

    Dwahn & Grenetta
    Dwahn & Grenetta
  • We both benefited from having an open and honest conversation about our expectations, past experiences with each other, and goals that we wanted to establish for our family. I would strongly recommend and encourage anyone who is considering marriage to take full advantage of PMC.

    Ike & Shauna
    Ike & Shauna
  • Joey and I are very thankful that we decided to seek premarital counseling with the marriage gene before walking down the aisle. During our counseling sessions we discussed many topics that had never even entered our minds as things that needed to be clarified and decided on before getting married.

    Joey & Brook
    Joey & Brook
  • After a disagreement between my husband and I; we knew we needed someone to meditate and help us to understand our communication amongst each other. Our biggest concern was “HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS WORK WHEN, SPLITTING APART WAS NOT AN OPTION” and Mr. Alwyn did just that. He helped us with several strategies we could implement at home to make life easier and peaceful at home. He was also, never biased. His Pre- Marital course is top tier and his sense of humor is amazing. Every session was filled with great energy. Thank you so much Mr. Alwyn for helping us make it down the aisle!

Helping couples make “I DO” work

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