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This Couple Quiz is designed to start you thinking and talking about your relationship with your partner. It is only a sample of the type of items included in the PREPARE/ENRICH inventories. It is not designed to be scientifically accurate or a predictor of a successful relationship.

The 10-item Couple Quiz contains items similar to the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventories. The actual PREPARE/ENRICH Inventories contain 195 items in 20 different relationship areas and include six exercises for improving your relationship.

Taking The Couples Quiz As A Couple

To take this Couple Quiz as a couple, you each need to take it while you are logged on and before you have the Quiz scored. When answering questions, each person should respond alone without the other person watching. After the first person answers all ten questions, click the [Partners’ Quiz] button to display a page for the partners’ answers. After both of you are finished, the results can be scored and you will get a brief Couple Report.

Taking The Couples Quiz Without A Partner

You can take this Couple Quiz without your partner to learn how you view your couple relationship. Click the [Score Me Now] button to receive a Personal Report that will identify the strengths and issues you see in your relationship. Your partner can also take the Couple Quiz at a later time and get a Personal Report summarizing how they view your relationship. The Only way to get a Couple Report is for the two of you to take the Quiz at the same time as described above.


When choosing your responses limit your use of Undecided because your results will be less accurate when choosing Undecided.

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