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Our Society requires extensive training to receive a driver’s license for one simple reason: We know bad things happen when we allow someone to drive a car without first learning some critical skills. To get a license in most states a teenager at the age of 15 must pass a written test about the states driving laws. During the next year, they drive under the supervision of a parent or adult driver. If they are wise they, they complete a drivers education course. Through hours of practice, they slowly learn the hundreds of skills that driving requires: how to accelerate and brake under a variety of conditions, what to observe while driving down the road, how to talk to another person in the car while keeping their eyes on the road, and much more.

Interracial Couple5Finally, they must prove their skills by passing a driving test administered by a state licensed inspector. Now that they have their prized driver’s license in their hands, only to learn that several years of safe driving will be required until they shed the costly mistrust harbored by at least   one segment of society—the car insurance companies.

Now consider the requirements for a couple to obtain a marriage license. To be legally married, a couple must obtain a blood test and must state their vows of commitment before an ordained minister or a justice of the peace. That’s it.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Our society requires intensive training to receive a driver’s license for one single reason: We know bad things happen when we allow someone to drive a car without first learning some critical skills.

Unfortunately, out society is only now waking up to the fact that bad things happen when we allow a couple to be married without learning some critical relationship skills. The main reason that America’s divorce rate has been the highest of any country in the world for the last 30 years is this: People don’t know how to be married. Children are growing up in a culture that emphasizes individuality over responsibility and in families that are increasingly fractured. Because of this they don’t learn the skills needed to be able to relate to another person on a daily basis through good times and bad, in good health and bad, during times of plenty and times of need. They have not expressed unconditional love, and our culture and our nation is suffering because if it.

Through Preparing for Marriage a family reformation can occur in this country as individual families, one home at a time, turn to God’s Word as their guide. And the best way to show couples how to allow God to be the center of their lives and their homes is before they are marries—before they start to “drive on the streets.”

Preparing for marriage will provide training that will help you:

  • Discover the joys of knowing each other and being known at levels you never imagined.
  • How to evaluate your relationship and how to discern god’s will.
  • Talk about thing you never dreamed of discussing but always knew you should.
  • Anticipate issues ahead of time instead of being caught off guard after marriage.
  • Know, apply, and experience God’s word as it related to engagement and marriage.
  • Become confident, certain, and secure in your decision to marry (or even not to marry).
  • Practice and apply foundational skills you’ll need to build your marriage.
  • Acquire some essential communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Understand the critical nature of core roles and responsibilities in marriage.
  • Learn about God’s design for true sexual intimacy.
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